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Make in India: Make in India campaign was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 25 September 2014. It is an initiative to call top business investors from all over the world to invest in India. This is a great opportunity for all investors to set up their business in any sector anywhere in the country. This attractive scheme has resource proposals for foreign companies to set up manufacturing units in India. The Make in India campaign launched by the Government of India focuses on building effective physical infrastructure. It was also meant to improve the digital network market in the country so as to create a global hub for business.

Make in India essay

Unique Symbol – Its Importance

Essay On Make In India English For Kids Students

The symbol of this initiative is a giant lion with many wheels. It alludes to the peaceful progress and a vibrant future of the country. A giant walking lion with many wheels represents tenacity, strength , courage and wisdom.
What are the Advantages of the Campaign ‘Make in India’?
Advantage of Make in India
Successful implementation of this scheme will definitely serve the following major objectives:

    • We are ensuring solid growth and valuable employment generation in the country.
    • With the help of top investors, the country will become completely self-reliant in the manufacturing sector.
    • This will provide benefits to both parties, namely investors and our country.
    • Make in India will also help companies to build their brand value in the global market.
    • This will definitely help in the growth of Indian GDP as well as increase the value of Indian currency.
    • Our own investors will remain in the country, who were planning to expand their business outside India due to lack of resources and clarity on policy issues.
    • Due to the fact that companies from all over the world are investing heavily in the Make in India project,
      Make in India policy structure.

The Government of India is trying to make a major effort to reduce any kind of burden on investors. Due to this, there is a system of a dedicated web portal to solve all queries from business entities. The portal is now receiving an excellent response. The government has created a dedicated back-end support team to respond within a span of 72 hours.
About 25 major sectors such as aviation, chemicals, IT, automobiles, textiles, ports, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, tourism, welfare, and railways have been marked by the government to work with and become world leaders by investors.

Disadvantage of make in India
Now let’s have a look at some of the potential pitfalls of Make in India. On these aspects, the government should implement some corrective measures.

  • Agricultural negligence
  • Depletion of natural resources
  • Disadvantages for Small Entrepreneurs
  • Disintegration of land
  • Manufacturing based economy
  • Interest in international brands
  • Pollution

The conclusion
This policy is urgently needed to make India free from unemployment by bringing growth and development. We can reduce poverty in India to a great extent by solving the issue of unemployment for the youth. Thus the country’s economy will achieve a new height after the success of this campaign. This, in turn, can solve various social issues in the country. Essay On Make In India

Advantages of Make in India Essay: The Make in India has been launched for the unique purpose of inviting various commercial sectors around the world, establishing their products in India, and selling them anywhere they wish. The campaign was set in motion on 25 September 2014, and since then, Make in India has emerged as one of the most important victories of the Indian economy.

Due to this initiative, companies from all over the world started investing heavily in the Make in India project, and have been successfully growing, making India a hub for manufacturing companies around the world.

Ten lines on the Advantage of Make in India in English
1. Make in India has been launched to invite various commercial sectors from all over the world.
2. The campaign started on 25 September 2014.
3. Due to this initiative, companies from all over the world started investing in the Make in India project and are successfully thriving.
4. Small manufacturers will be given a real shot at the business.
5. One of the main objectives of the Make in India campaign is to provide job opportunities for more and more Indian citizens.
6. It will strengthen the value of India’s rupee against the dominance of the US dollar.
7. This campaign will ensure definite development and valuable employment generation in the country.
8. It will provide benefits to both investors and our country.
9. This campaign will help in Indian GDP growth.
10. Make in India was designed to transform the country into a global trading hub.
Essay On Make In India

Essay On Make In India English For Kids Students
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