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Essay on corruption: Corruption is a form of criminal activity or dishonesty. It refers to an evil act done by an individual or group. Most notable, the Act compromises the rights and privileges of others. In addition, corruption mainly involves activities such as bribery or embezzlement. However, corruption can occur in many ways. Perhaps, people holding positions of authority are susceptible to corruption. Corruption certainly reflects greedy and selfish behaviour.

Ways of corruption

First of all, bribery is the most common method of corruption. Bribes include favors in exchange for personal gain and improper use of gifts. Furthermore, the types of endorsements are diverse. Above all, favors like money, gifts, company shares, sexual favors, employment, entertainment, and political benefits. In addition, there can be personal benefits – providing preferential treatment and ignoring crime.

Embezzlement refers to the Act of taking back property for theft. In addition, it occurs by one or more individuals who were assigned to these assets. Above all, embezzlement is a type of financial fraud.

Corruption is a global form of corruption. Most notable, it refers to the illegal use of a politician’s authority for personal gain. Furthermore, a popular method for corruption is to misuse public funds for the benefit of politicians.

Extortion is another major method of corruption. It means illegally acquiring property, money, or services. Above all, this achievement happens in association with individuals or organizations. Therefore, extortion is similar to blackmail. Essay on corruption in india

Partialism and nepotism are a very old form of corruption that is still in use. It describes a person in favor of jobs to his relatives and friends. This is certainly a very unfair practice. This is because many qualified candidates fail to get the job.

Misuse of discretion is another method of corruption. Here, a person abuses his power and authority. An example might be the unjust dismissal of a criminal’s case by a judge.

Finally, effect pedaling is the ultimate method here. It refers to using someone’s influence illegally with the government or other authorized persons. In addition, it takes place to receive preferential treatment or favor.

Measures to prevent corruption

An important way to stop corruption is to pay a better salary in a government job. Many public servants get very low salaries. Therefore, they resort to bribery to meet their expenses. Therefore, government employees should get higher salaries. As a result, higher salaries will reduce their motivation and resolve to engage in bribery.

Another appropriate way to curb corruption may be to increase the number of workers. In many government offices, the workload is very high. This provides an opportunity to slow down work by government employees. As a result, these workers take bribes in exchange for faster delivery of work. Therefore, this opportunity to bribe can be eliminated by bringing more employees into government offices. Essay on corruption in india

Strict legislation is essential to curb corruption. Above all, the guilty should be punished severely. In addition, there should be an efficient and speedy implementation of strict laws.

Installing cameras in workplaces is a great way to prevent corruption. Above all, many people will avoid indulging in corruption for fear of being caught. Furthermore, these individuals would otherwise have indulged in corruption.

The government should make sure to keep inflation down. Due to the increase in prices, many people feel their income is very low. As a result, it increases corruption among the public. Businessmen raise prices to sell their stock of goods at higher prices. In addition, politicians support them because of the benefits they receive.

In short, corruption is a major evil of society. This evil should be eradicated from society soon. Corruption is the poison that has entered the minds of many individuals these days. Hopefully, we can get rid of corruption through continuous political and social efforts.

FAQs On Corruption

Question: What are the types of corruption?

Answer: Corruption can be defined and classified in various ways. The most common types or categories of corruption are supply vs. demand corruption, grand vs. petty corruption, traditional vs. unconventional corruption, and public vs. private bribery.

Question: What is a bribe?

Answer: Bribery refers to the inappropriate use of favors and gifts in return for personal gain.

Question: How does a high salary help prevent corruption?

Answer: Higher salary helps in meeting the expenses of individuals. In addition, higher pay reduces the motivation and determination to engage in bribery.

Question: What does corruption mean?
Answer: Corruption, as defined by the World Bank, is a form of dishonesty or criminal offence committed by a person or organization that is empowered to obtain illegal benefits or the power of misuse for one’s benefit
Essay on corruption for students and children

The conclusion

Corruption is a challenging problem. It is like diabetes, which can only be controlled, but is not eliminated. It may not be possible to eliminate corruption at all levels, but it is possible to keep it within tolerable limits. In public life, honest and dedicated individuals control electoral expenses may be the most important prescription for dealing with corruption. Corruption has a devastating effect on our economy. It tarnishes our image in the international market and the loss of foreign opportunities. Corruption is a global problem facing all the world countries; the solution, however, can only be a domestic basis. We have endured corruption for so long. Now is the time to uproot it from its roots.

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