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Essay On Environment In English For Class 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 ,6 ,7 ,8 ,9 , 10

Environment essay: The environment is the real world with living  and non-living types of surroundings on Earth. It also refers to a particular geographical area. Plants, air, water, animals, humans, and other living things are present in the environment. Atmospheric processes, geomorphological processes, hydrology processes are the factors affecting the environment. The biotic process involves living organisms. Living organisms are strongly associated with the environment known as ecology.
An environment is a nature that nourishes our lives on Earth. Everything we feel, breathe, and eat in our life comes into the environment. Such as land, plants, water, air, sunlight, forests, food, rivers, and other natural things fall within the environment.

There is a full circle of the environment to maintain proper balance on the Earth. A healthy environment helps in the development and nutrition of living and non-living things on Earth. The existence of our healthy life depends on the environment, which maintains the balance of nature. Therefore, to live a healthy and peaceful life, it is very important to keep our environment clean. It is important to preserve our environment and maintain the balance of nature for the survival of life.

Environmental impact

Since human activities have many effects on the environment, an environment must be safe and clean; without this, we cannot imagine our lives in the future. Water pollution is caused by discharging unrefined industry waste and other unsafe elements into the water.
Air is polluted due to the uncontrolled discharge of harmful fumes from vehicles and industries. Soil and noise pollution also affects our environment. Extreme secretion of greenhouse gases raised the Earth’s surface temperature. This is the reason behind global warming. The existence of our life will become dangerous on Earth in the future.

Nowadays, the food we are giving to our body is not healthy because it is affected by the bad effects of artificial fertilizers. These fertilizers reduce our body’s resistance to fighting diseases caused by microorganisms. So we can fall ill at any time, even if we are creating a healthy lifestyle. Many health diseases and disorders are increasing due to water and air pollution. Environmental pollution is negatively impacting many factors of our daily life. These are socially, economically, and physically affected factors.

Human Responsibility in the Environment

Advanced technologies are destroying the environment that imbalances nature. Everyday harmful smoke emanating from industrial companies is polluting the natural air. This wind affects the health of humans, animals, and other living things as they eat it daily.
In our busy and advanced lifestyle, we should take care of such small bad habits daily. Everyone must make little effort to bring about a positive change in the destruction of the environment. We should take the initiative to make our environment safe and pollution-free.

Certain rules should make our environment clean and safe. We can get pure air, greenery, and peace, and a quiet environment from a healthy environment in our life. A good environment brings happiness to the lives of our children. An environment plays an important role in the development of a society or individual.
The quality of the environment is increasing by enacting laws against noise pollution. Also, motivates the use of public transport. Should stop using poly bags, throw garbage on the road or public areas. We can adopt the recycling of old things, repair and use broken things. Should use rechargeable batteries or alkaline batteries and fluorescent lights. We can also adopt rainwater conservation, reduce water wastage, conserve energy, consume less power, and beyond

Essay On Environment in 100, 150, 250, 300 , 450 , 650 Words.

People should participate in tree plantations to create a healthy environment. We are doing noise pollution by listening to loud music that impacts the environment. Giving awareness and inspiring speeches is not enough to save the environment. We must take a strong initiative to protect the environment.

Environmental problems

The following problems occur in the environment due to lifestyle changes and advanced technology.
Pollution is one of the major problems caused by creating harmful substances in the air, water, and land.
Desertification also poses a problem due to the drying and thawing of land in desert areas due to desertification.
The extinction of animals is the cause of the problem, which is caused by excessive fire, hunting, development, and other functions.
Habitat problems occur due to the destruction of natural areas for the construction of housing and industries.
Deforestation occurs due to the felling of trees, deforestation, fire, and pollution.
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